8/2/2008 red sox 12 oakland 2

Yesterday, I had tickets to the game up in the pavillion standing room area, and it was my first game seeing Jason Bay, so I decided I would just enjoy the game, and not really go after any balls. Of course, I decided to sit out in the Lansdowne Street parking garage for batting practice though. Unfortunatley it rained pretty hard, so they canceled bp. I went up to my standing room area in the pavillion club, and luckily found seats, and was able to sit there the entire game. My first time seeing Bay bat live, he hit a homerun to left center to give the Sox a 5-2 lead. There were three other homers in this game, all to the monster, but not onto Lansdowne. Too bad both the rays and Yanks won, so we didnt gain a game on any of them. 

Total balls on Lansdowne
bp- canceled
game- 0

8/1/2008 red sox 2 oakland 1

It was the first game for the Sox without Manny, and even though I was on Lansdowne (outside the park), it still felt weird. Jason Bay made his first appearance in a Red Sox uniform, and scored an early run to give the Sox a 1-0 lead. As for catching balls out on Lansdowne, this was not a great game. No balls during batting practice or the game. Jack Cust did hit a homer to the monsters in the eigth, but it did not even come close to clearing the monster seats. Bay hit a triple and scored the winning run in the 12th, bye bye Manny.
Total Balls on Lansdowne
bp- 0
game- 0