About fenwayballhawk

My name is Harrison, and I have been going
to Red Sox games since the start of the 1999 season. I
instantly became fascinated by not only the game, but also
the baseballs used to play the game. When I was younger, I
always wanted a ball, but never got the chance to get one. At
the beginning of 2005 season, I began attending many many
games a year, and started to learn the tricks of getting the
coveted baseball. My first ball came in May of 2005 handed to
me by then Oakland outfielder Bobby Kielty. Since then, I
have gotten over 100 baseballs. I have collected them in the
park from players, or out on Lansdowne Street during batting
practice. Over the few years I have been doing this, I have
also collected some game used wristbands, hats, autographs,
and other cool memorabilia.


Red Sox, baseball