Futures at Fenway…2008 Version


I  will be attending the annual Futures at Fenway game this Saturday August 9th. I attended it last year, and let me tell you , it was ball heaven. I stayed at on Lansdowne for half of batting practice but no balls came over the mosnter, so I decided to look for tickets. Luckily I found a scalpar right away on at the croner of Brookline Ave and Lansdowne. He sold me a ticket for 5 bucks….Sweet!!! So I headed into the game, not rlly knowing what to expect. I went over to the third base dugout, and went to the first row. I looked under a seat and there was a baal under there. Nice… Anyways I put that one in my bag and asked a player for another one, and he tossed it to me right away. I then went to left field where the pitchers were warming up, and hollered for a ball. They all ignored me. I waited for 15 minutes and they finaly finished tossing it around, and I yelled at them as they left, and one of them tossed it to me. this kid reached out in front of me and knocked it away. the ball trickled to my left and there was a quick scramble for it, but I was able to get the ball. Then at the end of the game, I went to home plate where nine balls were stuck. it ws pretty empty so I started knocking them down with my glove. This kid saw me, so he started to help. We got them all down and asked a player to give them to us. I snagged five of these and the kid that helped me grabbed 3. The player took the last ball back with him for some reason. Anyways I was tired and craving a Boom Burger from UBurger, so I decided not to stay for the second game, as I was not expecting to even attend the first one. So last year I snagged a grand total of five balls. This year I bought tickets in advance and hope to have the same type of success. I will post pictures and other things after the game (s) on Saturday.

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