AL East Thoughts

Yanks and Rays both lost the other night, but the Sox lost as well. Ahhhh, we
just can’t seem to ever pick up a game on these pesky Rays as it has been stuck
on 3 for a while. The Sox have the lead right now as we speak, and I have to
say that Dustin Pedroia has been tearing the ball up ever since the all star
break. He is now sixth in batting average in the league and also carrys a 25
game road hitting streak into tonights game. Let’s hope he can keep it going.
Anyways, I really would not mind if the division played out this way. The Rays
and the Sox would both make it to the playoff, and I really would not care if
we were the wild card, as long as we were not beaten out by the Yanks. We won
it in 2004 as the Wild Card and teams in the past have shown the WIld Card can
succeed in the postseason. If your in the playoffs anything can happen. And
also it would be kind of cool to see the Rays in the playoffs, so again, if the
division plays out this way, it really would be fine. Lets hope the Yanks stay
in third. They are losing right now to the Rangers 2-0, so let’s hope that
score holds up, and the Sox pick up another game on them.

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